Message from the President
Message from the President

Welcome to UESTC!

Since its establishment in 1956, generations of UESTCers, inspired by the motto "to seek fact and truth, to be noble and ambitious", have been working conscientiously and effectively, and have turned UESTC into the source of high and new technology and the base of innovative talents in the field of electronic information in China. The university has cultivated nearly 200,000 high quality graduates who have made irreplaceable contributions to the development of China's electronic information technology and industry.

The university adheres to a student-centered, general and professional combined, six-in-one education philosophy, namely "to shape values, to enlighten mind, to arouse curiosity, to explore potential, to pursue knowledge, and to develop character". It is committed to cultivating students’ national identity and patriotism, global awareness, knowledge integration and creative innovation so that they can shoulder the noble mission of national rejuvenation as future leaders in academic research, science and technology advancement, social and economic development.

We hope that undergraduate students will learn autonomous learning and inquisitive learning, and develop their lifelong learning capabilities. Each course is not only an organic system of knowledge, but also an important medium to cultivate thinking and learning ability. I hope that you will retain your curiosity, try to find problems, be brave enough to ask questions, use your imagination to conceive and design, exercise your mind and hands, challenge and create, so that you will find that learning is not only hard work and responsibility, but also a happy journey of discovery and creation.

We hope that graduate students will engage in the learning of theoretical basis, and the training of research methods and innovation ability so that you will become discoverers of science and engineering theories and creators of engineering systems in the future academic research or practical career.

We hope that the international students will learn to adapt to the Chinese environment, understand Chinese culture, and experience China's development. We hope you can develop your cross-cultural communication competence through exchange, communication, mutual appreciation and mutual learning, and strive to become friendly ambassadors between China and other countries around the world. We also hope that you can work hard and excel in your studies so that in the future you will become academic and technical leaders in the fields of electronic information, computer, management and other professional fields, and contribute to the development of your motherland and the whole world.

Zeng Yong


University of Electronic Science and Technology of China