With its over-60-year development, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), the former Chengdu Institute of Radio Engineering (CIRE), has cultured tens of thousands of excellent graduates to serve the society. Most of the alumni outstand themselves in all walks of life.Established in 1986, the UESTC Alumni Association (the former UESTC sodality), is a mass social group registed in Sichuan Bureau of Civil Affairs, and is made up of all the alumni and alumnae.

The alma mater cherishes your deep love for her, and has been devoted to connecting and gathering alumni home and abroad together to promote friendship and communication, enhance cooperation, carry forward fine traditions, and to make contribution to the development of the country and the university. At the present, there are tens of thousands of graduates setting up over 50 alumni associations home and abroad, which are playing roles of gathering alumni, serving the alma mater, and repaying the society.

The present chairman of UESTC Alumni Association is Professor Zeng Yong, leading positions of deputy chairman, secretary general, deputy secretary general, the general council, and the council.

The Department Of Cooperation And Development was established in 2010. It has the Office for Alumni Works, which are in charge of all alumni affairs. The management system of alumni work of the university consist of two part— the university and schools. Every school has someone responsible for alumni affairs. Under the guidance of "lifelong care" for all alumni, with the bridge of emotion, foundation of communication, vehicle of activities, and destination of career development, we encourage the alumni to make great fulfillment and achievements and make contribution to the alma mater, and to form a mutually care, support, and develop situation. We offer help to all alumni work in various places, promoting emotion and cooperation, encouraging each other to make more contribution to modernization. We are the bridge between alumni and alma mater, which periodically release journals and alumni express, reporting latest news of UESTC and activities made by UESTC Alumni Association to all alumni and associations home and abroad. And we welcome all schoolmates to pay visits to the university and help connection between alumni and school and support our development by a variety of methods.

UESTC is going to support the development of alumni work as we've always done and be the strengthened backup of all alumni enterprises.

We are warmheartedly expectingparticipation from all of you.