Collaboration with IT Company
Collaboration with IT Companies

The University has signed sci-tech cooperation contracts with many companies of international fame, such as IBM, TI, ONSEMI, SAMSUNG, EPSON, ADI, CISCO, US National Semi-conductor and has established more than 50 joint laboratories.

The University maintains close and friendly ties with more than 300 universities, institutes and companies in 27 countries and areas all over the world, and has signed joint training programs with more than 20 universities and institutes.

The University won the 2008 Annual Award for Best Partnership issued by the Ministry of Education-IBM University Partnership Project.Analog Devices,Inc., DSP Technology Joint Laboratory.


  1. Analog Devices,Inc., DSP Technology Joint Laboratory


      2. Analog Devices,Inc., UESTC-ADI Joint Laboratory

3. Fujitsū Kabushiki-gaisha, Fujitsu Microelectronics-UESTC Joint Laboratory


       4. ALTERA, EDA-SOPC Joint Laboratory


5. Micron Optics, Inc., Optics Research Joint Laboratory


6. NS, UESTC-NS Joint Laboratory


7. Microchip Technology Inc., MCU SCM Joint Laboratory


8. R&S, UESTC-R&S Joint Laboratory


9. TI, Cortex-M3 Joint Laboratory


10. TI, UESTC(ZSC)-TI DSP Joint Laboratory


11. ON SEMICONDUCTOR, Microelectronics Joint Research Centre(ONESTC)


12. NI, Virtual Instrument Laboratory