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        R & D Achievements
        R&D Achievements

        Prize List of National Award for Science and Technology Progress & Technological Invention (2001—2010)

        Theory of Waves and Fields in Complex Inhomogeneous Media and Its Engineering Applications
        The Fabrication of Large-size Double-Sided YBCO Superconducting Thin Films
        The magnetic-electric information function material of nanometer scale
        Nanometer Ferroelectric Materials and Applications
        Electromagnetic wave absorbers with high magnetic losses and their applications in key engineering
        Low power consumption ferrite magnetic cores and new type economic on energy magnetic components and devices
        The conducting polymers electrode materials and their applications in solid-electrolyte capacitors
        Electronic Polymers Based Gas Sensors and Humidity Sensors
        High speed transmission technics and its application based on differential frequency hopping and m-ary spread-spectrum in antijamming communications