How to Apply
★★ Step by Step Guidance of Application Procedure★★


NOTE: Please make sure the contents you provided are true and correct. You will have to take full responsibilities of your information!

Online application Procedures (UESTC only accepts online application. If you have applied online successfully, there's NO NEED to send us the hard copies):

 STEP 1: Register your account and activate it in; (alternative website for online application:



 STEP 2: Fill out the application form and submit all required documents and submit your application before the deadline. First click on "ONLINE APPLICATION" → "Application", and choose your program and student type; (Note: If the program and student type is not shown in the list, please double check the scholarship type you choose carefully. Some of the majors / student types are not available for certain types of scholarships.)


(1) Basic Info: Your personal information must be exact the same with the information on your passport.


(2) Study Plan: Please note the University / Organization / Individual that recommends you. If you want to change the program and type of students while applying in the system, please click "Edit Study Plan";


(3) Education & Employment: Please upload the required documents. The maximum size of one document is 1M, you can upload at most 3 documents in one section. (Only the Academic Transcripts section is allowed to upload at most 5 documents.) Please do not upload the irrelevant documents in the corresponding section.


● The Photocopy of Passport (Valid for at least 12 months from the time of registration)

● Notarized Certificates or Letter of Attestation from Your University / High School

● Academic Transcripts

● Certificate of the Language Proficiency (Necessary for non-English native speakers)

● Two Academic Recommendation Letter (Graduate students only)

Foreigner Physical Examination Form (If you are not in China) or VISA Page (If you are in China)

● CV or Personal Statement (Your CV / Personal Statement must be up to date, covering all your experiences, including education and employment experience till now)

● Research Proposal / Study Plan (Graduate students only)

Acceptance Letter from the Supervisor (Necessary for Ph.D. applicants, suggested for Master applicants)

● Financial Statement (Necessary for Self-sponsored applicants)

● CSC Application Form Downloaded after Applying in the CSC Website (CSC applicants only)

● Articles or Papers Written or Published (Graduate students only)

● Other kinds of certificates

(4) Additional Info: Please note the Financial Supporter and Emergency Contact;


(5) Contact Info: About your postal address: Try to confirm with your local DHL service first with the address and zipcode. Please do not write PO Box in the receiver's address, because DHL cannot deliver to a PO Box.


(6) Application Form Pre-review: Please pre-review your application carefully before you click “Submit”, and note your Application No.


 STEP 3: Usually the admission consist of "Initial Review (Documents Review)", "Paying Application Fee", "Academic Review" and "Conditional Acceptance". Please check your Application Status and Inbox in the system regularly, here are the explanation of the different status:


Filled in: You haven't submitted your application yet, please complete your application and submit.

In process: You have submitted application, and your application are awaiting the initial review (documents review).

Having not Passed the Initial Review: Your application has been rejected by university because of the failure to meet the initial review requirements.

Application Fee to be Paid: You have passed the documents review, and you need to pay the application fee online

Fail to Pay Application Fee on Time: You application has been rejected by the university because of the failure to pay application fee on time.

Waiting for academic review: Your application are awaiting or under the academic review.

Denied by Academic Qualification: Your application fails the academic review.

Final Result Unreleased: Your application have passed the academic review. You will be accepted if you agree with the conditional acceptance letter sent by the

Accepted: You have been accepted by UESTC. Your Visa Application for Study in China (JW201/JW202) and Admission Notice are awaiting processing.

Please Re-submit: You need to re-submit the supplementary documents as required (The reason will be mentioned in the Inbox in the system).

Admitted: Your JW201/JW202 and admission notice is under processing. We are waiting you to join UESTC!


 STEP 4: If you pass the Initial Review (Documents Review), your Application Status will be "Application Fee to be Paid", please pay ¥420 (≈ $60) for application fee online. Please click here to read the "★★Clarification on the APPLICATION FEE to UESTC★★ carefully before making the payment online. After confirmation of the payment, you will automatically get to Academic Review, and your Application Status will be changed to "Waiting for academic review".


 STEP 5: If you pass the Academic Review, then reply Email to on the Conditional Acceptance Notice.

 STEP 6: Receive the Admission Letter and JW201/JW202 form by post (EMS / DHL).

 STEP 7: Apply for student visa (X visa) at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General with the Admission Letter and JW201/JW202 form.

 STEP 8: Reserve dormitory and airport pickup service in the online application system and prepare to come to China.