Exchange Student Program(Visiting Student)

I、Seats for 2020/2021 Academic Year

To Be Determined...


(1) The applicants applying for Senior Visiting Student must obtain a degree above master;

(2) The applicants applying for General Visiting Student must have a learning experience of being a sophomore or above.

(3) GPA 2.8 above.

(4) Non-English Speakers, English language proficiency certificate (First Cambridge B, IELTS 5.5; TOFEL 80) or University English language proficiency certificate. 

III、Application Time

You can choose either a semester program or an academic year program of two semesters.

1. For fall semester (September to January): March 1st to June 30th;

2. For spring semester (March to July): September 20th to December 20th;


IV、How to Apply

1. Register your account and activate it in

2. Click on "ONLINE APPLICATION"→ "Application"→ "Visiting Student";

3. Click on "General Visisting Student" if you are Undergraduate or Master Exchange Student; While "Senior Visiting Student" if you are Ph.D Exchange Student.

4. Fill in all the blanks to complete the application.

V、Application Documents

Please prepare the following documents while applying in the online application system.

(1) One photocopy of valid passport;

(2) Notarized Highest Diploma or Letter of Attestation from Your University

Prospective diploma winners must submit official document issued by your current school to prove your current student status or expected graduation date.

Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.;

(3)Academic transcripts from your university (written in Chinese or English);

Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

(4)Academic Recommendation Letter from Your University;

(5)Resume & Study Plan in China

(6)Others: all kinds of certificates, including sports, arts and other relevant certificates, are warmly welcome.

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★ All the application materials will not be returned.

★ The application is invalid if the application materials are incomplete.



(1) The contracted universities shall be subject to the provisions of the agreement; the TUITION and Dormitory shall be borne by UESTC.

(2) Students are arranged to live in the school dormitory, two students share one room.

(3) When students arrive at UESTC, please prepare 5,000 RMB to pay for the first month of life and related expenses.

(4) Monthly meal cost: 1000 RMB ~ 2000RMB, dinning at the university canteen.

(5) Monthly Miscellaneous fees: 500 RMB ~ 1500 RMB averagely, for the reference.

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VII、Student Notice

(1) The exchanged students must abide by the Chinese laws, social customs and the rules as well as the regulations of UESTC.

(2) After the exchange is over, UESTC will send the exchange student transcripts to your home university.

(3) Exchange students must return to your home university immediately after the expiration of the exchange period at UESTC.

(4) The exchange students who enrolled must pay the following fees: visas, accident insurance, health check-ups, air tickets and airport-to-school transportation and personal consumption; and pay attention to the electronic letter notice of UESTC, and reply to the questionnaire relating to the exchange studying.

(5) working is not allowed during the exchange, and pay attention to personal safety.

(6) Medical and accident insurance should be purchased within one week after enrollment.

(7) Before the exchange project ends, you must complete the departure procedure.

VIII、Course Available for Exchange Programs

Courses Available for Undergraduate Exchange Programs

Courses Available for Graduate Exchange Programs



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