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Laws and Regulations
Rules and Regulations for Foreign Teachers

1. Foreign teachers must observe the Chinese laws, statutes and decrees, as well as all the rules and regulations formulated by the School of Foreign Languages, respect the traditional Chinese customs and conventions.

2. Any speech that attacks the Government of the People's Republic of China and its laws, statutes and policies is forbidden.

3. Preaching and promoting one's religious beliefs is forbidden by the government.

4. During the contract period, foreign teachers are prohibited from obtaining additional teaching employment and engaging in outside commercial ventures.

5. According to the contract of employment, foreign teachers are required to work 14-16 classroom hours per week.

6. Foreign teachers should accept and successfully fulfill the teaching tasks assigned to them by the School of Foreign Languages. They are expected to exhibit a strong work ethic, following China's educational laws and regulations, while imparting knowledge and educating their students.

7. Foreign teachers should serve as a model for their students and regulate their behaviors in classes. Smoking or drinking alcohol in or right before classes is prohibited.

8. Foreign teachers should love and respect their students.

9. Foreign teachers should prepare a detailed teaching plan for each period, teach professionally, give oral or written assignments for the students to accomplish after class, check the assignments duly and give guidance in study and help the students solve their difficult problems, be strict with the students in tests and examinations and give grades fairly and objectively.

10. According to the contract, the first month is the probation period. Foreign teachers will be evaluated by their students and informed of the evaluations at the end of the probation period. The probation period will be extended for any foreign teachers who receive a warning from our School after the end of the first month. Foreign teachers must make efforts to improve or change any inappropriate teaching methods according to the warning, or risk dismissal. Foreign teachers who have successfully passed the probation period will be informed so at the end of the first month.

11. Foreign teachers are expected to follow their teaching schedules and teaching syllabus. If they can't give lessons on time because of medical reasons or some other personal reasons, they should ask for a leave from the School's authority in advance. Normally any change of classes is not permitted, unless necessary and approved by the School's authority. If foreign teachers ask for a leave because of their personal reasons and/or other business reasons, related or unrelated to the assignments of our School, they should make up the classes they missed as soon as possible.

12. Foreign teachers are encouraged to take part in school activities.

13. Any matters regarding teaching, classes and schedules are handled by the School's authority. If there's any adjustment about teaching schedule by our school, the foreign teachers will be informed in advance. Whenever there are Chinese holidays'special arrangements, foreign teachers have to follow the adjusted course schedule announced by our School, including possible teachings during Saturdays or Sundays.

14. After probation period, foreign teachers will still be evaluated by their students twice every semester. The first will be conducted in the middle of the semester, and the other at the end of the semester.

15. When the contract is to expire, if foreign teachers are willing to continue working in our School, the renewal of the contract will be decided upon the School authority's evaluation (40%) and their students'feedbacks (60%).

16. Relevant teachers in charge will also observe and evaluate foreign teachers'teaching, with or without notice beforehand, during their probation period and afterwards.