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First Batch of Students Back to UESTC in the Spring Semester of 2020

“We are Back, UESTC!”

On the morning of May 15, Zhang Ting, a doctoral student of School of Electronic Science and Engineering in grade 2015, dragged her suitcase through West Gate of Shahe Campus of UESTC and returned to the university she had been away for nearly four months.



Her original plan was to return on the sixth day of the first lunar mouth so as to finish her doctoral dissertation. Affected by the epidemic, she had to stay at home to deal with her dissertation and sent it page by page to her tutor for revision suggestions. Before returning to UESTC, Zhang had completed all the work for her dissertation defense online. If everything goes well, she will give her final reply in late May or early June.

In the nearly seven years of studying and living in UESTC, Zhang Ting has long regarded the university as her "home." She said, ”I hope that I and my group colleagues can pass the oral defense so that we could graduate smoothly.”

With thorough arrangement in the early stage, Qingshuihe Campus and Shahe Campus welcomed the first batch of students, including Zhang Ting, back to UESTC in the spring semester of 2020.

All Care-Attached Measures Implemented

In order to provide better service for back-to-school students, all departments make arrangements in advance at many places, including the gates of Qingshuihe Campus and Shahe Campus, dormitories and canteens.

On May 15, University Party Secretary Wang Yafei and Vice President Hu Haoquan visited Siyuan Restaurant on Qingshuihe Campus. In the restaurant, Wang Yafei communicated with Wei Dunwen, Lin Feiyu and other teachers and students at meals, asking them about their days back to campus. He “tested” the students on the spot, asking them if they knew what procedure to follow in case of emergency. He thanked the students for their understanding and cooperation in the university's epidemic prevention work, and hoped that the students would study hard so as to "take back" the time delayed by the epidemic. Hearing these words, all students expressed their confidence in the prevention and control measures of the country and UESTC, as well as their understanding and support for the strict measures taken by the university.




Later, Wang Yafei and other leaders went to the second group of Bohanyuan buildings to visit the students dormitories. He fully affirmed the students’ wisdom in contributing to the “epidemic prevention in a scientific and technological ways” during the epidemic, and urged everyone to put safety and health first and make epidemic prevention and control a daily job. He stressed that universities and schools should center on and serve the students practically and thoughtfully so as to make them feel at home.

President Zeng Yong, Deputy Party Secretary Shen Xiaolong and Vice President Hu Haoquan came to West Gate of Qingshuihe Campus to inspect the students’ returning school, check the arrangements of various links, and distribute "epidemic prevention supplies" to students in the "Joint Office Area".




"Welcome back!" President Zeng Yong said it before distributing "epidemic prevention supplies" to Zhang Qin, a doctoral student in School of Electronic Science and Engineering in grade 2019. She has been doing research at home in Chengdu for the past three months and has compiled the experimental data of last semester into a paper. Receiving the back-to-school notice issued by the counselor on May 13, she was more than delighted to pack up for preparation. Now that she is back, she wants to hurry up and finish the experiment she had not finished last semester because of limited time.

After that, Zeng Yong and his colleagues came to the second group of Bohanyuan buildings to check students' dormitories. They visited the doctoral students of School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Computer Science & Engineering, School of Electronic Engineering, School of Materials and Energy and other schools, inquired about their study and living conditions, and encouraged them to obtain better scientific research results. Zeng Yong fully affirmed the back-to-school preparation work of departments including Student Affairs Department, Postgraduate Affairs Department, Department of Logistics, Campus Security Department of the Party Committee, and School Hospitals, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the staff. He hoped that the staff would remain enthusiastic about their job, continue to maintain their working standard and make full preparations to welcome more students back to school.



Deputy Party Secretary Shen Xiaorong came to Shahe Campus of UESTC to inspect the preparation work for students’ return and presented the "epidemic prevention supplies" to them. She introduced the epidemic prevention and control measures taken by UESTC to the students, saying that UESTC put students' life safety and health first, and adopted a series of prevention and control measures, hoping that the students would do a good job in epidemic prevention and control according to the requirements of UESTC. Shen Xiaorong also went into Building 15 of Student Dormitory and Yangguang Restaurant to communicate with students and teachers at the table, and inspected the implementation of prevention and control measures on the spot.

All Thoughtful Concerns Carried Out

Wang Jianli, a 2019-grade doctoral student at School of Mathematical Sciences, has been studying natural image processing at home for several months and returns to UESTC today with a lot of luggage, most of which are snacks prepared by her family. Security Guard Xu Bin helped her to carry the luggage to “xiaobai” ferry cart. “UESTC provides better research environment”, Wang said, “it’s easier to calm down and learn efficiently.”



Seeing these students back to UESTC with many bags, the security guards and volunteers on duty at the gate voluntarily helped them to carry the luggage. The "tent corridor" over ten meters long, equipped with electric fans on both sides, is the place where students scanned the QR code before queuing up orderly to enter the "mask changing area".


After disinfection of hands and replacement of masks, students quickly arrived at the "Identification Area" for identification. After that, they received the "epidemic prevention supplies" issued by UESTC in the "Joint Office Area" and entered into areas of automated thermal imaging systems for temperature detection. The whole process ran smoothly.

Relevant responsible departments have issued “Tips for Returning” through WeChat, providing guidance for students to punch in in advance, apply for "Tianfu Health Code" and bind their identification to WeChat Public Account of Campus Security Department . Thanks to these preparations, the efficiency of scanning the QR code is rather high, allowing students to complete all process and get into UESTC within one minute.



Dorm Managers disinfected the whole building and door handles three times a day and patiently reminded each and every student to attach great importance to personal protection. Students who are back should, after swiping their dormitory cards and entering the dormitory, measured their body temperature at the door, disinfected their hands and luggage, and get into the dormitory.

The very moment of returning the dormitory, Xu Chong, a doctoral student from School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in grade 2017, was busy making his bed. He has been doing scientific research at home for several months. The field in which Xu devoted himself in focuses on both software and hardware, the latter one of which is limited by this epidemic. Therefore, he made great efforts in the research of software so as to minimize losses. Xu said that he had developed the awareness of healthiness through this epidemic and was determined to strengthen physical exercise at the interval of assiduous research.



The entrance to the restaurant is equipped with automatic induction spraying disinfectant, and the personnel on duty will take a retest of body temperature.

Inside the canteen there is the banner "Practice Distance, Dine Quietly, Mask after Meals". In order to ensure the distance between people at meals, the restaurant has blocked three of the original four chairs in one table, leaving only one available seat to ensure one table for one person. Prompt lines spaced one meter apart are posted on the ground where students queue up for dinner.

Mission of the Youth Shouldered with Courage

"I want to take a look at the campus and my beloved teachers and classmates!"

Wang Haolun, a doctoral student from School of Electronic Science and Engineering in grade 2015, said so without hesitation when asked the very first thing he would like to do after returning UESTC.

"I wish the University a better future in the double first-class construction."

"Happy to be Back. Thanks for all your preparations”

"I ? UESTC!"


On the message board at the gate of UESTC, the back-to-school students wrote down their feelings with both words and pictures.




“I miss UESTC so much that three months seemed like years to me!” said Xu Dan, a 2019-grade doctoral student from School of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering. She then added, ”It is true that I could do many things at home such as reading articles and writing, I still want to come back to have courses. I have many classes to take and a lot of my experiments to carry out which cannot be done elsewhere.”

After leaving UESTC for several months, some students found that the campus more beautiful. Some of them refused to take “xiaobai” ferry carts, which were arranged by relevant departments to send them back to their dormitories. Instead, they chose to walk back with their luggage so as to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

“ UESTC is familiar yet surprising to me when I am back”, said Wang Jielei, a 2019-grade doctoral student at School of Information and Communication Engineering. She explained, ”The plank road of flowers next to Shuishan Road seems like to have grow from nowhere! I also find a few brand-new buildings! UESTC has changed a lot and developed so fast.”

A few months of separation from UESTC makes the information in the computer and data from laboratory become something worrying to most students. Same thoughts are shared among students who seize the day to catch up the progress the moment of their returning.

Li Heng, a 2017-grade doctoral student from School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, study reliability from Professor Huang Hongzhong. Since he has participated in the research group of “Reliability Analysis of Reactor Equipment Based on Bayesian Network” before returning, he has been persistently engaged in scientific research for the past few months. He said that he would make good use of the time at UESTC to write papers and submit research progress reports as soon as possible according to the research nodes of the project simultaneously.

Liu Minghui,a 2017-grade doctoral student from School of Computer Science and Engineering, devote himself in a research project named “rapid detection project of COVID-19 Coronavirus pneumonia based on CT images” jointly developed by UESTC and Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital. Currently, the algorithm is trained with data and is expected to diagnose within 10 minutes or even in 5 minutes according to the CT images of patients. A more efficient deep learning network is to be trained, for which Liu will carry out gray value statistics on the existing CT image data and study effective image enhancement technologies such as regularization. When combined with statistics, deep learning network will produce a faster and more accurate system for COVID-19 diagnosis than existing one.

"The very first thing is to let the laboratory run functionally!" Yin Licheng, a 2016-grade doctor from School of Life Science and Technology, was more than excited when knowing that he could come back. In his team there are more than 20 people who have been staying at home for a long time and thus a lot of things have delayed . He plans to hurry up and deal with the unfinished work with his team members when they come back.

Pan Hai, a postgraduate counselor at School of Electronic Science and Engineering, was especially touched to see the students’ returning one after another. He could not count how many days there were when he was busy doing the preparation work with his partner and volunteers, trying to deliver “point-to-point notification” to each and every one of returning students.

Thanks to the thoughtful arrangement by UESTC and its various schools, students can finally come back to UESTC at its supreme beauty in May. "It is our greatest wish for every student to come back safe and sound." said Pan, "when students are back, I want them to do a good job in self-protection, live up to their youth, seize every minute, concentrate on studying and researching, and bravely shoulder the responsibility of the youth."

Translated by Zeng Xiaoyan, supervised by Long Mei.

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