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Emergency Notice to UESTC International Students off campus給校外留學生的緊急通知


To all the UESTC international students off campus:


To prevent and control the nCoV pneumonia, according to the requirements of the central government of China, the Ministry of Education and Sichuan Province, the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China hereby issues the following notice:

  1. 所有在中國境外和居住在校園以外的我校留學生不得提前返校,具體開學時間根據疫情防控形勢,按照上級部門統一要求安排調整,并另行通知。學校將妥善安排春季學期教師教學科研和學生學習研究等事宜。All UESTC international students living outside China or off the campus are not allowed to return to the university in advance. The opening time of next semester shall be adjusted according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control and the unified requirements of Ministry of Education and Sichuan province, which UESTC will keep you informed later.UESTC will make proper arrangements for the courses and research of teachers and students in the spring semester.

  2. 在接到我校國際教育學院發出的正式開學通知前,請勿訂購回校機票,已訂機票者請予簽改,簽改時間以正式開學通知為準。

    Before receiving the official notice on opening time issued by the school of international education of UESTC, please do not reserve the return flight ticket. If you have already booked the ticket, please change the time in line with the official notice on opening time.

  3. 在中國境內校外居住的同學請積極配合學校和當地疫情防控工作的各項部署安排,增強防范意識和自我保護能力,做到勤洗手、不外出、不聚會,不舉辦和參加集中性活動。International students who live off campus in China should actively cooperate with UESTC and the local arrangements for epidemic prevention and control, enhance their awareness of prevention and self-protection, wash hands frequently, do not go out, do not gather, do not hold and participate in collective activities.

    學校堅持把師生員工生命安全和身體健康放在第一位,在這個非常時期,請所有留學生理解配合,保持通信暢通,我們會告知最新進展。UESTC sees as paramount the life safety and physical health of teachers and students. In this unusual period, please understand and cooperate, keep the communication unblocked, and we will update the latest progress.



    School of International Education, UESTC

    January 28th2020

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