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Psychological Health Education Center of UESTC: the customized online psychological counselling and support service of UESTC is online!抗疫同行:成電定制網絡心理輔導與支持服務上線了!


Every time when there is a big crisis or difficulty, we should build up our strength and live through it together. Are you worried about the recent outbreak?



The restlessness of not being able to go out, the increasing crisis, sometimes anger and sometimes sorrow, in the process of worrying about gain and loss, we know that you need more than masks (masks are really very important!!!)


We are here --- the Psychological Health Education Center of UESTC customized multi-channel network psychological councelling and support services are willing to provide you with solid psychological protection!




Talking App: UESTC "heart-to-heart" Community, professional consultants and your online "face-to-face" to provide online psychological counseling services for you.


Official QQ (No.: 2786938806) of Peer Helpng and Growing Union: for peer psychological mutual aid, with psychological committee members online.


華西醫院、四川高校專委會、四川省心理咨詢師協會共同推出的四川新型冠狀病毒肺炎疫情心理干預組心理援助熱線PS. 我校心理教師也在參與熱線值班哦):電話:028-85422114 ,工作時間:9002100。

The psychological assistance hotline (Ps. the psychological experts of Hearing Medical School are also on duty): Tel: 028-85422114, working time: 9:00-21:00.




Dear students, in this special winter holiday, we understand that everyone is having an unusual and hard time. The teachers of the Psychological Center sincerely hope that we can work with you to protect our physical and mental health, prevent all diseases!

Finally, if you need the corresponding psychological assistance, please contact us through the above channels! We are together!

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