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Answers to immigration and immigration management during epidemic prevention and control疫情防控期間移民與出入境管理工作解答

Q: how do foreigners apply for visa extension and residence permit during epidemic prevention and control?
A: during the epidemic prevention and control period, the entry and exit administration department of the national public security organization will continue to provide visa extension and residence permit processing services for foreigners, so as to ensure that foreigners can stay and stay legally, and urgently handle relevant documents for those who have urgent needs. In order to effectively avoid personnel gathering, the exit and Entry Administration Department of the public security organization will arrange the pre-appointment handling service in combination with the practical situation. Foreigners can contact in advance and reasonably arrange the handling time. For institutions of higher education, scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions that host many foreigners, the entry-exit administration department will allow them to handle certificates on behalf or provide other necessary measures to facilitate the permit handling according to the card handling needs.
Q: what about the expiration of visas and residence permits for foreigners during the epidemic prevention and control period?
A: according to China's exit and entry administration law, foreigners should leave the country before their visas and residence permits expire. Those who need to stay in China should go to the exit and Entry Administration Department of the public security organization to extend their visas and residence permits. According to the relevant laws and regulations and the current situation, if it is difficult to leave the country on time due to the epidemic prevention and control and it is unable to handle the visa and residence permit extension formalities in time, the immigration administration may, according to the law and regulations, reduce or exempt the penalty of overdue residence.
Q: how should foreigners staying in China cooperate with epidemic prevention and control?
A: all of foreign friends should enhance their awareness of self-protection, try not to go to densely populated areas for activities, take scientific preventive measures, actively cooperate with their communities, units and reception agencies to implement epidemic prevention and control measures, consciously abide by relevant laws and regulations, and obey the prevention and control measures taken by public security organizatios, immigration management agencies, health and other departments. In case of fever accompanied by cough, dyspnea and other acute respiratory infection symptoms, it shall be reported to the community, health or immigration management agencies in a timely manner, and actively cooperate with diagnosis, treatment and epidemic investigation. Immigration agencies at all levels will further carry out consultation on prevention and control services for foreigners in China with relevant departments, assist medical and health institutions in screening and diagnosis, and help solve the difficulties and problems encountered during their stay in China.
Q: what about the passengers found to have suspected epidemic symptoms on the way in and out of China?
A: in case of fever accompanied by cough, dyspnea and other acute respiratory infection symptoms, the entry-exit personnel should immediately stop traveling, consciously stay away from the crowd, and go to the nearest medical and health institutions for medical treatment. Necessary assistance will also be provided by the immigration administration at the port or residence.

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