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360-degree rotating led electronic display works

led screen display only one, and this column by a constant speed outdoor LED display outdoor LED display driven to rotate, while the control circuit lit outdoor LED display synchronous control, the motor every turn a certain angle, this column outdoor LED display shows the contents of a change in the display rotated to any position has a uniquely determined, that led display is the use-by-column display, and uses a mechanical rotation to replace alternative scan display.

360 degree LED display takes advantage of the eye's persistence of vision, as long as the rotation frequency is higher than a specific number, the remaining picture we see is a display object, change the LED brightness is the key to the entire design, the existing common method the main control LED drive pulse duty cycle, it is relatively easy to achieve through the digital method, and is suitable for application microcontroller. This method periodically controlled LED lighting time, so that through the persistence of vision produce images during rotation.