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Advertising Bus Handle

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Origin:China(Mainland)

Product Description

1, Application: Bus, Subway
2, Specification: 140*130mm
3, Advertisement Size: 100*110mm
4, Material: Eco-friendly Plastic
5, Weight Bearing: 300kg.
6, Free Sample!
7, Packaging:
60PCS/Carton; Carton Size 280*290*300mm
8, Custom made is accepted.

Products Details:

1, Commodity Name: Advertising Bus Handle

2, Application: Bus, City Bus, Subway and other Automobiles

3, Specification: 140*130*20mm (Length*Width*Thickness)
Window size: 100*110*17mm
Or as your requests.

4, Structure: Plastic handle, Connecting Webbing, Advertisement Part and Fastener Part etc.

5, Handle color: As the picture shows or as your request

6, Free Samples can be sent to you!

7, Packaging:
60PCS/Carton; Size of the Carton: 280mm*290mm*300mm
0.2Kg/PCS; 12.5Kg/Carton
Or according to your requests.

8, Detailed about the parts or Material or Size or Shape can be changed according to your request.

9, Custom made is also available.

10, Feel free to contact us please! Any question will be appreciated!

Products Feature:

1, Plastic handles:
The handles are made from Polycarbonate.
High-strength handles can bear 300kg strength.
Transparency of the Advertisement window is high.

2, Webbing: The connecting webbing is made from High-strength Polyester or Nylon (same as the car safety belts)

3, Advertisement Part:
We can offer different size and shape of the Advertisement Window.
You can put an advertisement paper or even real product (like toothpaste or coca-cola) into it.
If you want, we can also make the advertisement part for you.

4, Fastener Part: Safe and Easy To Install