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Hot Sale Car Safety Hammer

Basic Info

  • Product Material: Metal, Plastic

  • Color: Yellow

  • Function: Car Safty Hammer

  • Specification: High quality

  • HS Code: 3307490000

  • Material: Metal + Plastic

  • Size: 13X7.5cm

  • Weight: 150g

  • Trademark: JSD

  • Origin: China

Product Description

Product Features
A life-saving hammer / safety hammer: sharp solid hammer, smashed the glass in case of an accident escape.
2, cutting knife: hook embedded blade, cut the seat belt escape in case of an accident.
3, behind the flat hammer, you can use as a hammer
Product Specifications:
Hammer length 13cm
Hammer width 7cm
Hammer 2.5cm thickness
Hammer weight 160 g
[Name] combo (safety hammer + Cut the Rope)
[Size] 13 * 7.5cm
[Color] Yellow
[Weight] 150g
[] A unit of measurement
[Models] Universal fit
[Installation instructions]
          Installed in a closed compartment in the car and so easy to get to the content areas, such as a fire or a car fell into the water in the event of an emergency situation under the car, you can easily remove the door and smashed windows to escape successfully.
[Use of] safety hammer
The middle part of tempered glass is the most solid, corners and edges are the weakest. The best way is to use a hammer safety glass edges and corners, especially in the middle of the top edge of the glass where once the glass has cracked, you knock a few more on it.

An emergency hammer is a safety device used in vehicles to break through window glass in an emergency.
It is a simple tool with a plastic handle and steel tip. Its primary use is for breaking through vehicle windows.
A must-have tool for your car.
Set you free from the danger by cutting the seat belt.
You can break the car window in an emergency situation.
Fixed in a holder, it will not fall even if the car bumps, and can be removed easily.

NameCar emergency hammer
MaterialABS housing with soft paint
UsageCar or subway