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How full color LED display enterprises in order to break the "cheap" Ex

In order to compete for market share, companies mustering horsepower price. Standardized LED display prices become "vanguard", but still can not achieve the homogenization of serious substantial profit. For a time, innovative products become a new profit growth point, technological innovation, channel differentiation become prominent tight encirclement price of victory.

Homogeneity, conventional low-profit products

In recent years, under the stimulus, LED display industry rapid development, the formation of a certain size of the market, its product range, the number has been greatly increased. With significantly enhanced productivity, coupled with some enterprises blindly optimistic pre-expansion, overcapacity problems began to appear in the LED display industry.

This year in particular, due to the socio-economic growth slowing, the whole big market environment changes, the Government has declined with the amount of screen, a lot of lighting projects, drastically reducing outdoor display project, overcapacity is more prominent.

Landscape design agency co-founder Wang Tian Qing Mei Avenue, Beijing said it LED display market demand indeed grow exponentially, but it also can not meet the needs of several times or several times the growth of the LED display enterprises.

Once the industry is facing overcapacity, companies first thought is to cut prices. Large-scale enterprises, once price cuts, many SMEs forced to "fight", then the domino effect of the outbreak of a price war spread to the entire LED industry inevitably occur. At present, the price of products in the industry more than ordinary LED display, which directly led to decline in corporate profits.