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led display control software how to set

Core parameters are parameters necessary for the display, if not set correctly, ranging from not displayed, while screen burn. Core parameters including cascaded direction, OE polarity, pole display data type, color, scan mode, take the point total of the order and the order of the lines 8.

Of the three core parameters in the configuration, intelligent configuration is more important to a configuration method, the main processes and functions are as follows:

1. Start intelligent configuration.

2, through guided, allowing users to select and display human-computer interaction, intelligent configuration operations begin by filling out the initial parameter that determines the polarity of OE / data polarity, determines the color, determine the scanning mode, take the point to determine the order to determine the line and generating a sequence of configuration parameters and other steps to complete the core parameters determined.

3, the return intelligent configuration parameters.

4, connected to the display, set the parameters.

5, if correct, then the output parameter operation.

6, select an external file, saved for later download. This completes the display intelligent configuration.

In summary, a need to display more than 20 parameters configured properly to light, its cumbersome, complexity can be imagined. As the LED display manufacturing cost is relatively high, if not set correctly, ranging from no display, while the display screen burn, causing heavy economic losses and schedule delays. Therefore, some caution LED control software, on the safe side, the design of complex, inconvenient to use is understandable.