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LED display for outdoor life performance measures of protection

To all outdoor use, waterproof and dustproof is the first to be faced, general outdoor display to achieve IP65 protection grade and above. Waterproof outdoor display is the most important requirement, must be guaranteed to run properly in the rain; dust is an important factor lower commodity efficiency and accelerate the aging of goods, outdoor display must be specially designed structure and dust filter dust merchandise.

Outdoor LED display to theft, explosion, show outdoor equipment generally used in outdoor public places, public safety and the safety of the device itself are on show outdoors to think about, general outdoor equipment will show the use of special steel laminated glass, even if glass breakage, can only produce fine cracks similar to the spider's web, its fragments firmly adhered to the intermediate layer, can be avoided because the glass fall resulting in personal injury or property damage. In addition, the problems facing anti-theft, anti-theft monitoring should be prepared, and to avoid exposed screws, locks and security features combine rugged construction and support, to solve security problems.