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LED display installed manufacturing production processes

LED display we have to do, first of all have an ample supply of the material, Xiao Bian today to collect a LED display installed production manufacturing process, as we well understand the materials needed to explain the process and the display. A display frame covering local, local display, curb local, local supply and gadgets.

1. Frame parts: special aluminum, corners, metal frame, rear apron (aluminum panels, OSB will do)

2. Local display: unit board. Accessories include: cable power cord.

3. Local curb: curb cards, the adapter board, cable. NOTE! (The individual does not have to curb card adapter plate and cable)

4. Local power supply: 220V-5V power supply. Commonly used for the 40A, 30A. Start working conditions may be.

5. Gadgets: 16P cable, 16P chuck and clamp, three-core data cable, DB9 head (pin, female) DB9 plastic shell, power lines, self-tapping. Strong magnet (stud and diskette)

6. Tools: mutilation machines, crimping pliers, electric iron, wire stripper, screwdriver.