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LED display screen manufacturers best service

LED media façade based on the perspective of Art and Design Creative LED materials technology, multimedia technology and exterior images, plus sound and images and other design elements to form a new public art form. In recent years, with the improvement of the world economy, development of the city, the advertising industry competition intensifies, the modern city walls media art form more and more welcomed by the public.

We Shenzhen Xin Cai Chen Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in LED electronic display, LED optoelectronic engineering and application of intelligent LED system product development, production of hi-tech enterprises enjoy a high reputation in the domestic display industry and users. Companies engaged in LED system research, development, production, has now formed a series of LED display products: a small pitch LED indoor display, indoor full color LED display, outdoor full color LED display, LED stage rental screen, LED shaped screen.

Not only provide installation support, also offers a full range of LED display system, which includes: a control system, power supply (socket), software, accessories, installation construction drawings and other services.

Standardized cabinet design, make the same box size requirements applicable to different pixel display, making it easier to install LED advertising screen.

LED cabinet thinner and lighter, saving transportation costs.