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The difference between LED color screen LED display

LED color screen LED display is much simpler than the dot pitch to a large color screen to be used over a large area display, low cost advantage is mainly used for indoor and outdoor concerts will do background, building walls, advertising screen, nightclubs, dance halls and the like. The LED display is extremely broad prospects for development, is moving higher luminous density, higher luminous uniformity, reliability, full color direction, widely used in indoor and outdoor, theater, sports, leasing and other fields.

LED color screen is a LED dot matrix, through red, green and blue light beads of light off to display text, images, animation, video content can be replaced at any time, portions of the components are modular structure of the display device. Usually by the display module, the control system and power supply system.

LED display features:

1, high brightness: outdoor LED display brightness is greater than 8000mcd / m2, large display terminal is currently the only all-weather outdoor use; indoor LED display brightness is greater than 2000md / m2;

2, long life: LED life of up to 100,000 hours (ten years) or more, the parameter generally refers to design life, brightness dark can be considered;

3, the viewing angle: indoor viewing angle greater than 160 degrees, outdoor viewing angle greater than 120 degrees. The size of angle depends on the shape LED light emitting diode;

4, vary in screen size, as small as less than one square meter, the big up to several hundred thousands of square meters;

5, easy and computer interface, support software rich;

6, common large display terminal contrast.