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What led display Category

LED light-emitting diode Light Emitting Diode English abbreviation. High brightness, great vision, image clarity, color, good stability, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, long life and other advantages. LED display as a way of modern mass media, which use and more categories.

Single color display: single color (red or green). Dual color display: red and green dual-color, 256-level grayscale, it can display 65,536 colors. Full color display: red, green, blue color, 256 grayscale full color display can display more than sixteen million kinds of colors.

By using the occasion

Indoor display: luminous point smaller ships Φ3mm - Φ8mm, to show the general area of several dozen square meters. Outdoor display: the general area of dozens of square meters to several hundred meters, high brightness, can work in the sun, with wind, rain, water resistant.

Light spot diameter and spacing of points

Indoor screen (by diameter points): Φ3mm, Φ3.75mm, Φ5mm, outdoor screen (by pitch points): PH10, PH12, PH14, PH16, PH20, PH25, PH31.25, PH37.5 ...... 5 press the classification can be divided into series: LED wall screen, LED flexible screen, LED floor display, LED stripe screen, LED cabinet screen (both electronic screen, conventional screen), LED ultra-thin screen, LED curved screen (both shaped screen