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Car Safety Hammer
May 24, 2016

Product Detail

Product Description

You can never be too prepared for unepacted. Protect yourseld and your loved ones with lift hammer, the newest innovation auto escape tool.

(1)Unique special modern design in the world.
(2)The product is designed to be properly positioned in the automobile.
It is visible in the sight all times to ensure it will be albe to be reached in the first place when needed.
(3) Hidden blade and hammerhead to avoid accident self injury.
(4) Gel in the base box will diffuse harmless fragrance once the cover removed.
(5) Product is water resistant and shockproof.
(6)It also can be used as a self-defense unit when assulting by criminal scoundrel.

1) Battery: No. 5AA.
2) LED Life: 10000h.
3) Continuous Flash Time: 48h.
4) Cutting Speed: 2-3s.

5) Crushing Force: 3-4lbs
6) Max Stretch Length: 175mm
Closing Length: 124mm
7) Height: 72mm.