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Component Analytical Led The Industry Chain
Apr 27, 2016

Single LED chip manufacturing base, also known as the substrate, use of sapphire, SiC, GaAs, GaP for the material. Epitaxial wafers for the growth of layers of different thickness of the single crystal thin film on a single crystal, such as AlGaAs, AlGaInP, GaInN, etc., to achieve different color or wavelength of the LED. Common methods of epitaxial liquid phase epitaxy (LPE), vapor phase epitaxy (VPE) and metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), among which VPE and LPE have been very mature technology, can be used to grow the general brightness LED. The growth of high-brightness LED MOCVD method must be used. The world's major manufacturers of MOVCD German AIXTRON and American VEECO company, the former accounting for 60% to 70% of the international market share, the latter accounted for 30% to 40%. Japanese manufacturers of equipment is essentially limited to Japan domestic sales.

Mainly midstream chip design and processing. Midstream manufacturers based on LED performance requirements of the device structure and process design, diffuse through the wafer, and then the metal coating, and then photolithography, heat treatment, forming a metal electrode, and then the substrate after polishing wear thin cut.