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Taxi Top Light basic technical parameters
Jul 19, 2017

With the advancement of modern technology, the taxi market is now popular to install a Taxi Top Light, and taxi companies across the country will also be installed on each taxi are on this new product. So, this popular Taxi Top Light have what the special features and characteristics of the taxi market so much attention?

First, fashionable, indicating the role of obvious

Compared to its traditional plastic or PVC material of the dome light, the new style of the Taxi Top Light more unique novel, while its material is environmentally friendly and energy-saving material, its degree of anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging stronger, longer life. At the same time, the use of graphics or text to show "empty" or "full" operating status, its visual sense of stronger, even in the light of the poor or long distance can attract the attention of passengers.

Second, with a very good advertising effect

Not only can limit the operating status of the taxi, but it is also a good mobile media. The use of Taxi Top Light LED advertising screen to advertise, the effect of the cycle can make the size of the city streets and important occasions, customers can clearly see, so that advertisers get the maximum spread effect.

Third, the security is higher

The new Taxi Top Light control system is placed within the driver's operating range, when the driver is in danger of just touch the door hidden button, the dome will flash the distress signal, the maximum protection of the driver's safety.

Taxi Top Light has a special function and features for everyone to introduce this, and visible performance is still very good, so it will be favorable.

Taxi Top Light basic technical parameters

1, the working environment temperature: -25 ℃ ~ 50 ℃;

2, the working voltage: DC12V;

3, the working current: 100mA ~ 550mA (with the LED red, green, orange conversion and pattern changes);

4, LED viewing angle: ± 120 °;

5, LED visual distance: 60 ~ 100m;

6, LED display brightness: 1000CDm2;

7, LED working life: 5 to 10 million hours.