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LED Display New Package Basic Overview
Apr 27, 2016

LED lamp with a new package is IC beads modular product assembly easier and more efficient. The new package also effectively improve the fine-pitch LED heat problem, fine pitch LED display promotion play an important role.

In order to solve the heat problem in the conventional package and rework these difficulties two difficulties, we propose a new package, can effectively solve these problems, and can greatly enhance the reliability of the product, so high density pixel LED arrangement possible . Law of LED technology development is summed up and said, can tolerate the smaller LED chip area larger current drive, and get better flux and thinning properties, resulting in better performance.

New package is based on ball grid array and chip scale package structure of the new package LED, as shown in Figure 1. The constant current driver and LED wafer logic chip package together, there are seven main structural parts: filled epoxy, LED wafer, bracket body, IC chip interconnect layers, solder balls (or bumps, solder column) and The protective layer. Interconnect layer is formed by tape automated welding, wire bonding, flip-chip and other methods to achieve the internal connection between the chip and solder balls (or bumps, solder column), and is a key component of the package.