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LED Grasp Market Trends Focus On Innovation And Capacity Building
Apr 27, 2016

From 2014, the competitive environment, the integration will accelerate the speed of the entire industry, because the industry itself, there are many low-end manufacturers, we are focused on a wholesale market, focusing on price competition at the expense of the unspoken rules of behavior of product quality, will lead to the disappearance of a large number of enterprises in the development of the industry, this is a normal thing.

The lighting companies want to come to the fore in this environment, you want to maintain a competitive edge, a rapid response capability, high efficiency, innovation, quality is an important must-have. Because we are now changing the face of not only the product platform, mode of transmission is changing, the economic environment is rapidly changing, so must have the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to keep up with market demand for innovation and change.

In terms of market development, the lighting industry is facing some problems, at present most of the domestic enterprises for the lack of attention to product innovation, just to look on the external market and price.

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