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LED Lighting Industry's Top Ten News Events
Apr 27, 2016

1, three security Wuhu two ten billion project to move back to Xiamen

LED epitaxial chip as a whole industry chain, the highest technical requirements, the largest part of investment is regarded as a high-tech high value-added industries, mainland China more than 100 LED chip companies has been welcomed by the local government. This year, the domestic LED chip "Big Brother" Sanan Optoelectronics 200 sets of MOCVD ground where the battle, "the highest bidder," also has been implemented, the cost of $ 4 billion to Xiamen Sanan Optoelectronics grab 200 sets of MOCVD settled. Xiamen government single device (2 inches for the base 54 conversion) grant subsidies of 500 million unit price is less than the first launch subsidies Yangzhou, can compare Jiangmen, Chengdu, Wuhu, Wuhan, Jiujiang, Huizhou LED base, However, additional lighting applications 3.0 billion contract is the biggest red envelopes. An optical three 200 sets of MOCVD production base in Xiamen, Xiamen City, in addition to favorable conditions given, the three safety photoelectric follow-up have a chance from Fujian ongoing public lighting renovation project benefit.

2, Quanzhou Taiwanese building materials market first fire destroyed 44 stores

February 11, Quanzhou first Taiwanese building materials market in the first 28 stores a fire broke out, fire by the wind, spread quickly, within a few minutes, spread to the entire floor of the shop, the majority owner of possessions, employees the luggage was burned, but fortunately no casualties. 28 is a larger city building materials, the whole house has 44 stores, after the fire, 44 stores spared, the whole building was burned black, burned the roof collapsed, a messy scene, dark store one slice. It is understood that the building is made of corrugated steel structure simple, the whole building is a layer of overhead, many tenants to make full use of space, both in the upper compartment floor attic, rest easy. Most stores are not walled off, are separated almost by a simple wooden plywood, and some are even interlinked. When fire broke out in the middle of wood and plywood are flammable items, so the fire spread rapidly. After the fire, the building materials market for household businesses issued 3000-5000 yuan of relief funds.