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Multi-use Emergency Hammer - Teach You How To Fall Into The Water
Oct 09, 2017

Automotive multi-function emergency hammer is different from the life of the bus hammer, in addition to life-saving hammer has the function, it also has a knife, warning lights, flashlight and other functions. Which hook-shaped embedded blade, in the event of a traffic accident, the owner can be used to cut off the seat belt escape, located in the handle by the nine light-emitting diodes composed of red light flashing lights can be seen in the 200 meters away, while the handle at the end of the magnet , Can be multi-functional emergency hammer in the roof, can play a very good alarm.

Multi-function emergency hammer in the end can not turn off the window? Studies have shown that if the water level in the window below, under normal circumstances with the vehicle emergency hammer can be opened the window. If the water will be flooded the window, by the buoyancy of the interference, because the vehicle emergency hammer pressure is not enough, want to drop the window to escape is very difficult.

When the vehicle fell into the water the first time, unlock the seat belt. At this time the door is easy to open, you can push the door to escape; if the door can not open to choose the window down, if the window is also open at this time, the car can be used with a sharp hammer and other sharp instruments hit the window. The front windshield glued rubber, even if broken, there is a layer of glue to the broken glass paste together. Windows and skylights are tempered glass, playing the middle of the glass, the power will spread from the surrounding, not easy to beat, hit the glass four corners, easier to smash. If the window is not broken, do not push the door, keep the physical, static and other car into the water, when the car's water depth close to the head, take a deep breath, pushing the door, , Easy to open.