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Share The Taxi Top Light How To Clean
Jul 07, 2017

According to the different characteristics of the Taxi Top Light shade, there are different cleaning methods: cloth lampshade, first with a small vacuum cleaner to absorb the surface dust, and then pour some detergent scrub; if the inside of the lamp is paper material, should avoid direct use of detergent To prevent the damage, with a dry cloth can be wiped again; frosted glass lampshade with a soft cloth dipped in toothpaste clean, bump dirt can be wrapped with soft cloth toothpick; metal lamp on the dirt, the first surface dust removed Squeeze a little toothpaste on the cotton cloth to scrub.

Many people think that the ceiling lamp close to the roof of the taxi, the dust is not easy to enter, in fact, when the ceiling light lit, will produce some electromagnetic reaction, the most likely to attract dust in the air; light will attract mosquitoes and other small insects Into the lamp cover; In addition, the Taxi Top Light be due to long-term Taxi Top Light roasting and deformation, thus forming a gap, so that dust, insects and other entry. Over time, not only easy to make the light blurred, affecting vision, but also because of excessive accumulation of dust and affect the life of the dome light. Do not use wet cloth to clean the lamp holder, to prevent leakage; scrub, you can light-colored cotton socks or double wash towel turned over in the hand, gently wipe the lamp. Do not change the lamp structure or replace the parts, clean, should be installed as is the lamp, do not miss, misplaced parts.

There is also a little trick: will be about a beer bottle of edible vinegar into the half basin of water and mix thoroughly, the rag in which soak, wring dry wipe after the lamp. In this way, wiping out of the Taxi Top Light are not only bright, not from the static, not easy to dust.