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Suizhou Bus Emergency Hammer, The Public Travel More Secure
Jul 19, 2017

Recently, the Municipal Bureau of Transportation in accordance with the Ministry of Transport, the State Administration of Work Safety on the operation of the emergency bus emergency replacement of the special requirements of the work, and actively organize the passenger company quickly on the use of operating passenger emergency hammer to update replacement.

City Transportation Bureau requirements, June 30, 9 meters and above single closed-end all-inclusive bus all completed emergency hammer update replacement, December 31, all other operating buses to complete the emergency hammer update replacement.

Up to now, the city has 265 in the use of operating buses to complete the emergency hammer to replace the replacement, 9 meters and above single closed-door operation of emergency bus safety hammer replacement rate of 100%.

Among them, the company from the security fund to spend 3 million yuan to purchase emergency hammer 1200, the unified replacement of the operating vehicle replacement, the establishment of replacement files for future reference.

New replacement emergency hammer need to have alarm function

Recently issued by the Ministry of Transport "operating bus safety technical conditions (draft)", the emergency hammer hardness, taper, alarm and other aspects of a comprehensive specification.

Specifically, an emergency hammer should be installed near the emergency window of the operating bus. Marking the center break point mark with a diameter of not less than 50 mm in the middle or right corner above the window glass should be marked by the emergency hammer. Sound signal to achieve the alarm.

Emergency hammer alarm device settings to prevent its non-emergency situations do not use. Once the emergency hammer removed from the settlements will be issued a sharp warning sound, chaos, indiscriminate use or theft of the formation of deterrence.

Encourage the installation of extrapolated emergency windows or baffles

In addition, the notice requires conditional road passenger transport enterprises in the replacement and replacement of the standard passenger emergency hammer on the basis of the replacement of the emergency doors of the bus to install the standard extrapolated emergency window, or for the bus emergency window to install the standard Automatic broken glass device.

All the way to the road passenger transport enterprises to replace the standard to meet the standard extrapolated emergency window or to install the standard automatic glass breakers of the bus, not to replace the bus to replace the external emergency window or install the automatic broken glass device refused for the Pass the bus through the annual review.