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Taxi Car Top Advertising Light Headlight Cooling Measures Detected
Sep 21, 2017

Car Top Advertising Light with the traditional light source lamps, lamps will be hot, LED lamps from the LED photoelectric heat loss and LED drive power.

The traditional electric light source according to the principle of light is divided into typical incandescent heat radiation and fluorescent lamps and other gas discharge light source two categories, the former is the use of objects when the principle of radiation heating light source, while the latter is high in the high temperature and electric field Under the action, directly stimulate the formation of molecular luminescence, both the light-emitting process requires heat,

At the same time, the heat generated is radiated together with the emitted light.

LED light-emitting principle is the role of external power, the chip PN junction electrons and holes of the radiation recombination of electroluminescence, due to the conversion efficiency of the problem, and ultimately only about 30% of the input power into light energy, the remaining 70% The energy is mainly converted to thermal energy in the form of dots of non-radiative recombination. It should be noted that the heat generated during the LED lighting process is not required for the LED to achieve the nominal working condition. On the contrary, the LED brightness output is inversely proportional to the temperature, and the heat transfer is not radiation but conduction.

From the LED light-emitting principle and heat transfer characteristics to consider, with the traditional lamp is very different from the thermal management is the LED lamp cooling design of the important task, the goal of effectively LED chip heat conduction effectively, and effectively control the light Environment, the LED junction temperature control in an acceptable range.

LED junction temperature is the key to the photoelectric performance of the Car Top Advertising Light, but because of the LED junction temperature measurement is difficult, the feasible evaluation method is to measure the temperature associated with the LED junction temperature, such as solder joints, Shell and so on. The junction temperature of these LEDs is controlled by controlling the temperature of the LED junction temperature. The manufacturer must determine

The luminous temperature of the LED products related to the temperature control points and temperature, such as LED module solder joints, base, lamp shell, etc., the manufacturer to determine the parameters of the product information should be provided with the way lights.

In addition to LED, LED lamps in the drive power is heating parts, in order to ensure the coordination with the LED light source life, LED drive power control is also very important, the lamp should be selected with the appropriate temperature of the LED drive power, if the use of built-in Of the drive power, lamps should be based on its internal temperature

We select the drive power with the corresponding tc. Select the independent installation of the drive power, should be based on the installation of the possible ambient temperature with the corresponding tc power supply.