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Taxi Car Top Advertising Light Light Boxes With Traditional Advertising Advantages
Oct 24, 2017

1, advertising content

The traditional advertising method content is limited, can not fully express the advertising content; and LED display screen advertising, operators and publishers can update the LED display screen advertising content at any time, only need to operate control computer, the update process is not subject to other external conditions. According to statistics, large-scale led display screen evenly updated once a month advertising content, and small led display screen as little as three or five days a week will replace a advertising content.

2, Car Top Advertising Light methods

Consumers often because of the grass is always greedy aesthetic psychology, will not pay attention to those who do not conceive or conceive mediocre advertising, even if noted, can not recall the content of advertising down, can not recall in the activities of the expense. Traditional Car Top Advertising Light methods can only be reflected in the graphic, and short ideas, easy to forget; and LED display screen generally establish a large number of public places, traffic arteries, intuitive, vivid, vivid Car Top Advertising Light method to attract people's automatic Attention, wider, more traditional than the traditional media viewing.

3, the release of information

Traditional Car Top Advertising Light every time the release of information, have to line up the entire advertising planning and replacement, and the need for labor costs, time and labor; and LED display screen advertising only through the data cable connection or wireless communication method and computer connection, as long as the Computer to set up a simple, can be used to publish advertising content, both convenient and fast.

4, energy saving and environmental protection

Traditional Car Top Advertising Light in the replacement of some of the waste can not be recycled, is not conducive to environmental protection; and used to broadcast Car Top Advertising Light LED display screen energy saving, all-weather operations, completely accustomed to the field of various harsh environment, with anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture Ray, all the strong performance of seismic, cost-effective, showing good performance and so on.

Taxi lights Car Top Advertising Light screen is the perfect link between technology and the media, can vividly, vividly show a variety of commercial ideas advertising to the audience; able to uninterrupted commercial advertising and some public service ads, advertising methods are very diverse, more likely to lead the audience Pay attention to and accept. Together with the LED display screen skills to carry out, wireless communication skills and other innovative transmission skills will also be applied to the field of field media rental, taxi advertising light box and the advantages of traditional advertising future LED advertising advertising field will give us To more exciting.