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Taxi Top Light Advertising Features
May 17, 2017

Taxi Top Light Low cost High efficiency:

Taxi Top Light is the most cost-effective media, its ultra-low cost of thousands of people to meet the long-term promotion of advertising products advertising requirements; compared with other media, Taxi Top Light advertising is the best price than the media.

Focus on the Taxi Top Light:

Taxi advertising with its colorful color screen to bring shocking visual impact; its creative design, exquisite production makes people feel a visual pleasure, set ornamental, memory in one, Advertising effectiveness dominate.

High frequency high coverage high reach rate continued display:

The survey shows that Taxi Top Light advertising and television advertising with the highest coverage of the media, the taxi is highly mobile, all-weather (24 hours) coverage, it will from different angles, different directions of tens of thousands of consumption , Passing advertising information, have a very high reach and the frequency of exposure to consumers.

Close to the impact of life advertising strong credibility:

Every day millions of people in the city make Taxi Top Light advertising into a large audience advertising media. Rooftop advertising colorful, picture harmony, illustrations, mobility and bring repeatability, which brings a strong impact. Taxis and the public production and life are closely related to the smooth flow of advertising channels, high recognition, publicity effect is naturally good.