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Taxi Top Light Advertising Seven Major Advantages
Jun 27, 2017

1. new media.

Enterprises will be advertising in the new media will often play a multiplier effect, if at the same time with the advertising companies, television, newspapers, common "speculation", will bring more news effects.

Taxi Top Light advertising as a brand new media, will cause the great concern of the entire market, have the opportunity to form a sensational effect, to obtain greater dissemination of value.

2. Elastic mobility.

The high liquidity of the Taxi Top Light advertising is one of the most frequent consumers in the outdoor media. In addition, relative to the fixed route of the bus body advertising, the value of Taxi Top Light advertising is balanced, there is no so-called gold lots and non-gold lots.

Taxi as a "live media", with any other media do not have the "chase crowd" features, that is, the taxi will take the initiative to find crowded area of the crowd, especially the major events occur, such as concerts.

3. Eye tevel impact

The height of the body Taxi Top Light advertising is just the same as the pedestrian line of sight, you can spread the advertising information to the audience, to achieve the greatest visual opportunities.

At the same time, for drivers, advertising particularly eye-catching.

4. 1000 people cost low cost.

High arrival frequency and contact frequency, the low cost of thousands of people, suitable for long-term delivery, especially in a single information demands, with the radio media and the establishment and maintenance of brand memory in the role of significant.

5. High contact probability and stable contact frequency.

Taxi is the largest outdoor advertising media. The audience in the daily life and work is bound to come into contact with our advertising information. Body advertising is the biggest opportunity to see the outdoor advertising media.

The average operating distance of the taxi is about 13KM, the actual visual range of the body ad can be calculated, the average area of the bicycle can be covered by 0.3 square kilometers, the average number of running times per day is 10 times, the average daily contact is 87,000, Time calculation, effective OTS can reach 7800000 people.

6. Super flow and elastic potential energy.

The most mobile outdoor media form, in addition to the general characteristics of outdoor media, advertising information dissemination in the elastic potential of the most prominent. Advertising is the best.

Through domestic and foreign market research, in many advertising media, the Taxi Top Light advertising advertising advertising effect is the most effective.

7. Advertising strategy with perfect.

Effective with the radio media advertising work (high altitude + ground advertising mode). At the same time you can connect the terminal point of sale (stores, supermarkets, restaurants, restaurants, etc.), prompting consumers to buy to meet the local sales.