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Taxi Top Light Assembly Is Reliable And Reliable
May 12, 2017

Do not consider the gorgeous crystal Taxi Top Light, popular led Taxi Top Light and the popular Taxi Top Light. At present, the penetration rate of anti-theft alarm products in China is only 20, compared with Europe and the United States and other countries up to 70 percent of the penetration rate, China's anti-theft alarm product market growth has just started, the potential demand is more difficult to estimate. But it can not emerge the characteristics of crystal lamps, because it is not using incandescent light source, so no crystal lamp unique refraction, shining end. The first: if it is installed in the wooden ceiling, gypsum board is not very hard, and self-tapping screws can be twisted place, it is simple. Flame retardant: national scale gb50222-95 confirmed, pc board for the flame level, that is, b1 level.

So the market a lot of led crystal car dome and no crystal as a decorative, direct use of glass. With a four lights with the function: that is, induction lighting, burglar alarm, emergency call for help, fire prevention. Lamp parts should be connected smoothly, no √ visual / assembly √ loose phenomenon. The whole circuit is relatively simple, the same function, direct welding on the universal board can be, I use manual thermal transfer method to build the circuit board. That is, as bright as the light, he lost the power may be different, high light efficiency of the light source must be lower than the light efficiency. Anti-ultraviolet: pc board coated with anti-ultraviolet (uv) coating, the other side with anti-condensation treatment, set anti-ultraviolet, anti-drip anti-deodorant function in one. Finally, connect the power cord to the terminal block of the fixture. Drill holes at the bottom of the disc package, and lead the AC 220v power cord connector. Downlights of the primary problem lies in the lamp, and some of the trumpet downlight light mouth is not high temperature, easy to deformation, resulting in light bulb does not come down.

Long life expectancy of 100,000 hours, made of lamps later, at the moment in fact recognized life of at least 30,000 hours, high-quality can do 50,000 hours, is led Taxi Top Light life is generally 50,000 Hour to 70,000 hours. Quality is also a general situation. Color: the light source of the true color of the object to reflect the level.

The use of led crystal Taxi Top Light to replace the popular fluorescent lamp taxi roof lamp can save energy, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Screws and teeth are locked at least 3 √ visual / assembly √ teeth, the whole lamp assembled after the reliable. The second: If you want to install the wall is cement or hard hard place, self-tapping screws do not screw into the foundation, then you need to use the expansion of the bolt installed. 1 which collects the switch life, if the existing product of the product tube black, the lamp is not bright, or electronic ballast damage, try to produce the product is not black, light bulbs, electronic ballast is not damaged, proved successful trial production. Urgent call for help function can be described as: the use of remote control so that the lights inside the alarm, the equivalent of security nurses. Three to see whether the lamp body is exposed, the light into the lampholder, the fingers should not touch the charged metal lamp. 0 class lamps rely on the basic insulation as anti-shock care, if the basic insulation loss, it is prone to electric shock hazard.