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Taxi Top Lights
Aug 12, 2016

Product Detail

Basic Info

Product Description
Taxi Top Lights/Taxi Top Advertising


1. MORE SPACE, MORE INCOME. It can show 6 pictures continuously(each side 3 pictures) which increases the space for ads and increase your income from ads.

2. LED LIGHT. The LED light can make the ads more attractive in the dark environment. There are two light box in the ends of the product and you can put the "taxi" logo. LED light is bright and have a long working life.

3. EASY TO INSTALL AND NO DAMAGE TO CAR. There are strong magnets on the bottom of the stand of this product., so the only thing you need to do to install the product is to "put" it on the top of the car.


1. It increases exposure rate of your ads.

2. It is a kind of eye-catching advertisement.

3. Your advertisement crosses whole city.

4. Your ads can be seen day and night.