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The Main Function Of The Automobile Emergency Hammer
Jun 02, 2017

We should have seen the car fire news, so the car is sometimes a very dangerous thing, but each car has to match several car emergency hammer, the purpose is to avoid accidents when used to get.

Car emergency hammer is also called car life hammer, car hammer, four in one car escape tool, car safety hammer

1, when the emergency caused by vehicle control lock control failure, the use of this product special steel cone car window blower can easily break the window glass to escape.

2, the emergency seat belts often because of a sudden impact and stuck, the use of this product built-in seat belt cut off can easily get out.

3, built-in hand-cranked generator can occur in the accident not only for the product built-in flashlight, but also for your mobile phone emergency charge.

4, built-in high-brightness low-power LED flashlight, can be used in the field often lighting.

5, when you encounter an emergency, you can open the product built-in alarm for help, through the high decibel strong flash alarm can be achieved at night for the purpose of long-distance help.

6, built-in high sensitivity, high fidelity AM / FM radio allows you to listen to the radio or disaster in the broadcast information.

Characteristics of automobile emergency hammer

Hand - cranked emergency emergency function

Red flashing LED remote warning light

Selection Method of Automobile Emergency Hammer

First of all, the choice of car safety hammer, you should choose a longer handle, hammer more sharp that kind of, so relatively easy to break the glass.

Second, the selection of car safety hammer, be sure to pick good quality brand products.

Pick to a good car safety hammer, but the location is also very important to hit the different vehicles, the vulnerability of the windows is different. Under normal circumstances, the ordinary household car windows of the four corners of the location is relatively fragile, easy to break open. When you hit the window, you should ensure that there is enough hammer space, such as trying to hit the driving position of the window, you can sit in the position of the co-pilot hit, so to ensure that there is enough power to drop the window.

The above is a small series for everyone to introduce the main function of the emergency hammer, the main features and selection methods, I hope everyone in the future if you encounter a similar problem, do not panic, safety first.