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The Principle And Method Of Emergency Hammer
Jun 15, 2017

1 Emergency Hammer use

In fact, the use of its conical tip, because the tip of the contact area is very small, so when the hammer hit the glass, the contact point of the glass pressure (not the pressure Oh, but the pressure per unit area) Quite large, this is somewhat similar to the principle of the pushpin, the film is easily punctured, and the car glass at that point by a large external force and produce a slight cracking, and for the tempered glass, a little bit of cracking It means that the whole piece of glass within the stress distribution has been destroyed, which in the moment produce numerous spider web cracks, this time as long as gently with a hammer and then hit a few times to remove the glass fragments.

The middle part of the tempered glass is the strongest, the four corners and the edges are the weakest. The best way is to use the Emergency Hammer to hit the glass edge and four corners, especially the glass above the edge of the middle of the place, once the glass has a crack, you can knock a few more. It is said that about 2 kilograms of pressure will be able to smash the corner of the tempered glass

If there is no safety hammer, women's high heels is also a good thing, the heel up to make enough strength to hit it, the finer the better the heel!

2 on the train Note:

If you take a long distance car, the best choice from the safety door or roof safety exit more near the local seat. If you wish, you can take a closer look at how to open the security door instructions, because in the event of an accident, you can not calmly look at the use of instructions.

Hammer and cutter: steel.

Hammer body: plastic.

When the car accident, (such as: car rollover, falling river, etc.), need to escape from the car, you can use the emergency hammer tail cut off the insurance belt, and then use the pointed life-saving hammer to break the window glass, and then jump to escape The It is the last protection of the passenger life barrier!

Such as the emergency hammer has anti-theft function is not stolen, passengers in a timely manner with emergency hammer broken glass to escape, which can be avoided from the accident, the accident behind the safety hammer exposed security problems have to pay attention to our attention.

According to the media reported a large number of emergency hammer stolen is not a common phenomenon, the national bus companies have a safety hammer "with the lost, lost with a" vicious circle, to the bus company to bring no small economic losses at the same time also cause security risks The

Due to emergency hammer and no anti-theft function, just gently put it up can easily take down, probably because the emergency hammer to do more sophisticated, and very small, it is easy to steal, some people put the safety hammer for their own The

A small emergency hammer in the bus accident, passengers trapped inside the car, but able to knock on a door to escape, at a critical moment to save the lives of countless people to save the happiness of countless families. However, this is the key moment to help the public goods, but has become some people "private play" and "collection", and may even be the object of profit. They are deliberately inadvertently "steal" these emergency hammer when, and did not realize that they may be taken away by others, or even their own escape opportunities.

In order to completely solve the problem of emergency hammer stolen, I took the lead in the development of a multi-functional anti-theft emergency hammer, life hammer, escape hammer, and apply for a patent invention, the invention does not hinder the use of the case not only completely resolved Emergency hammer stolen the problem, but also according to the need to increase the LED emergency lighting, red LED lights flashing sound and light alarm, cutting tools and other functions for the masses in an emergency to provide a security at the same time completely solve the bus company Management problems.