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The Reasons For The Black Screen Of Taxi Top Light
May 17, 2017

The importance of Taxi Top Light in the rental industry is self-evident, it is not just a decoration, it is a symbol of the industry, but also corporate culture and product promotion of an effective channel. However, people in the use of time also found a problem, that is, in the power or load the process of advertising will always appear black screen phenomenon, thus affecting people's use. So, what is the reason for the black screen of the Taxi Top Light?

First, the connection error

In general, the dome light advertising screen is controlled by the control system, once the control system itself will cause it to start a normal exception, which led to a Taxi Top Light screen, or abnormal, such as hardware Huai Huai, the terminal in the opposite direction, Or the dome display is connected to the distribution board.

Taxi Top Light Second, the serial line off or loose signal instability caused

Taxi Top Light When the taxi owners found that the display of the car dome light when the message appears when the black screen is the reason most of the controller is the serial line part of the loose or fall off the situation, then you may wish to pull out the serial line to re-insert try.

Taxi Top Light Third, the interface definition and distribution board does not match

This situation occurs after the replacement of the new control system, the need for the taxi to the various interfaces for signal detection.

Taxi Top Light appear black screen probably have these reasons, in the event of a problem, to find the reasons, and then targeted to deal with.