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Together To Explore LED Taxi Top Light Technology
Oct 09, 2017

LED Taxi Top Light package: stent row packaging, patch packaging, module package several, these packaging methods are common and commonly used.

Module package of phosphor coating, is currently seen is still the fluorescent powder coating directly on the chip above the unified block module of the phosphor is still more consistent, but the high-volume production may be different Of the module with the eyes to see wonderful difference, the better way is to use LED phosphor film or film, film and film can be large-scale production, consistency is good, LED lights are multi-chip package, the light emitted , Through the phosphor film or diaphragm into white light, the color difference can be eliminated. ) In the package as long as the white chip welded to the design of the circuit board can be, eliminating the need for the process of coating the phosphor. The use of LED lights is the government out of silver, LED street lamp production business is fancy this point. The requirements of the film base is colorless and transparent anti-aging good.

First, the conventional packaging methods and applications

China's earlier development of LED lights in the country, is currently used in the sea is also good, because the state face up to "low-carbon economy", in 2009 China's implementation of ten city ten thousand LED lights, many cities have experimental sections to overhaul LED lights (OSRAM, Nichia, Samsung and other companies) is based on indoor lighting as a breakthrough, these two routes, after all, who has the upper hand, has not yet seen the outcome. This is even more convenient and more convenient, because the shade conversion is a mixed blue, so the output of white light is no color, and the light is not soft and will not produce glare. At present, foreign LED giants are in a large number of hundreds or even thousands of models of LED indoor lighting, the price between 20-75 dollars, power from a few watts to twenty watts. In terms of China's first LED street lighting for the application of the direction, is due to national conditions, because China's national income is low, and LED indoor lighting cost is higher, the old people can not accept. To the lamp production enterprises have brought convenience, but the current domestic production of chip suppliers can not mass production of such LED white chip.

1 processing and molding convenience, the size of any cutting, low cost. But they are used in the packaging methods are mentioned earlier, the only Philips company, so that the phosphor coated on the LED shade, was named 2009 one of the most innovative LED lighting products. In the case of

2 light conversion efficiency is high, not chaos is better, long life, good anti-aging. Third, in order to better solve the LED thermal setbacks, lighting design and packaging should be considered together, the package and LED heat dissipation made of a heat sink, effectively reduce the number of thermal resistance, which is a very effective and progressive Lamp cooling method. For the manufacture of LED lighting using this method is clearly not the best solution. This common practice is the advantage of saving material, the disadvantage is not conducive to heat, the phosphor will be aging.

SMD (SMD) is a leadless package, small size, thin, very suitable for mobile phone keyboard display lighting, TV backlighting, and the need for lighting or instructions of electronic products, patch packaging in recent years to large Size and high power of the direction of development, a patch within the package three or four LED chips can be used to assemble lighting products. As the epoxy resin and phosphor are not good thermal conductivity of the material, and wrapped the entire chip will affect the heat. Or in the lamp body made of copper foil on the body, the thermal resistance is also low, LED lighting power at least a few watts or more, so are multi-chip use, the previous packaging process is not necessary, must be used New methods and processes. At present, all the packaging methods are yellow phosphor (YAG) and epoxy resin by different than the average mix, directly to the blue LED chip, and then heat curing.

3 through the light, the thickness of 0.1 ---- 0.5mm between the average phosphor, the appearance of flat.

At present, foreign production of high-power chips, 0.5 watts or more white chips are coated on the Blu-ray chip YAG phosphor powder on average, the appearance of a yellow cube is seen, (except for the welding of two gold Mat no phosphor, this method than the previous method can be used to improve the efficiency of light, so widely used in foreign countries. The use of the packaging method of production of the device, for the production of lighting have a common feature: the number of thermal resistance Many, it is difficult to produce high-quality lighting, and the module itself and the radiator connection processing requirements are relatively high.It is the premise of LED lights than indoor LED lighting more demanding, higher requirements, such as the quality of clearance (Heat, life, color, reliability, etc.), then come to do the indoor LED lighting is relatively easy.

Another way is to mix the phosphor and the transparent plastic in proportion, through the injection molding machine and mold, directly produce a phosphor with a lamp cover, the lamp will be converted to white light blue light.