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Why Should You Install A Taxi Top Light?
Sep 21, 2017

1, can be clear to the passengers similar to the operation of the vehicle state, easy to ride customers

2, relative to the previous face of the current status of the card, Taxi Top Light can more clearly show and guide passengers

3, only a taxi to install a Taxi Top Light, which is conducive to distinguish between the regular operation of vehicles and black cars, to avoid the loss of passengers.

4, Taxi Top Light can be installed GPS positioning system, easy to transport management department for health management

In the case of

Taxi Top Light active components:

Constant current driver IC: This is the core component of the constant current power supply, the use of PWM (wave width control) principle of the power side of the digital wave, and then according to the signal source information management power duty cycle, thus maintaining the output current Constant. Changchun taxi LED advertising professional dealers.

Passive components:

(1) rectifier bridge reactor: the main source of power is still alternating current, and electronic components are basically working in the DC, so the input power to rectify the first.

(2) Diode: Zener diodes, Schottky diodes are commonly used in power management systems. Many low-power components to work in the low voltage, or the system needs to refer to the voltage, will use the regulator diode; in the switching power supply, the minimum voltage DC output is often selected low Vf value Schottky diode rectifier to improve work efficiency The

(3) electrolytic capacitors: This energy storage components in the switching power supply is necessary. But because of structural problems, the life of a certain limit, this component is LED advertised long life fatal injury. There have been studies using other materials to replace the capacitance, but not universal.

(4) Inductors: coils, transformers These inductance components are one of the main components of switching power supply components, the role is to bear the load or pressure, isolation, filtering and so on.

(5) auxiliary components: all kinds of resistors, capacitors, protective components will be used on.

Other components

 (1) line substrate: usually single or double rigid substrate, used to fix the chip and heat; copper foil layer to be thick, to carry high current. At present, LED street lamps commonly used aluminum plate.

(2) terminals, connectors: LED street lamp power supply has a single output of multiple sets of output, in the power input and output of the place often use a variety of terminals and connectors to transfer wires.