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Zoom LED Track Light Sources Of Development And Future Trends
Apr 27, 2016

OFweek Reuters semiconductor lighting LED lighting technology is developing rapidly expanding the breadth of application and effective downstream, but the face of the upper and middle overcapacity, limited downstream applications plight, the lighting industry is only effectively promote LED applications through the design of innovative talent, promote the needs of the market, and ultimately to promote the sustainable development of enterprises and to better promote the transformation and upgrading of the lighting industry.

LED module zoom origin -

Through two years of market research, summed up the current Cosio beam angle of the LED lighting market is fixed, the scope of application is limited, and not conducive to lighting design and lighting adjustment. Therefore, the development of lighting COSIO zoom LED module can be applied to a variety of traditional LED fixtures, including LED downlights, ceiling spotlights, light rail, grid lamps, chandeliers and so on.

Development COSIO zoom LED module technology and fixtures

1, COSIO four countries have applied for patents on LED technology and lighting the lamp module zoom in: China, USA, Germany, Spain;

2, in the national science and technology magazine published a report entitled "LED Zoom lamp member (module) development and application of" papers;

3, the forthcoming book "Zoom LED lighting design," design focus zoom LED lamps series;

4, Foshan City, in cooperation with the Technical Standards Institute jointly developed the first domestic LED lighting standard zoom.